Apart from being paid by friends, these are 3 alternative delivery costs

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Not long ago, comedian Marshel Widianto revealed the reasons why he received financial assistance from Raffi Ahmad for the delivery of his wife, Yansen Indiani (Cesen). This was because when Cesen gave birth, Marshall had absolutely no money.

“Thank you, Aa Raffi, Teh Gigi (Nagita Slavina) for the hospital fees,” said Marshel Widianto in a YouTube broadcast by Rans Entertainment (26/3).

Marshall himself said that the birth of his first son occurred at the same time he had just paid off his house.

Raffi Ahmad emphasized that the financial support was a gift for Marshel and Cesen. Raffi also said that actually Marshel could afford to pay the bills for the birth, but Raffi really wanted to give Marshel a gift.

It’s no secret that delivery costs are not cheap, especially those in Jakarta. It is very possible for someone to spend up to tens or hundreds of millions for childbirth.

If at this time your savings have just been used up for important things, and you are also faced with preparing for labor costs, here are three alternative delivery costs that you can try.

Bpjs health

This health insurance from the Government can cover the costs of both normal and caesarean deliveries if there is a recommendation from an obstetrician. By using BPJS Health, there will be no fees that you pay to the hospital.

But one thing you have to make sure is, your BPJS Health card is still in active status first.

Pregnant women do not need to ask for recommendations from doctors at Health Facility I if they are in an emergency. They can go straight to the ER in case of rupture of membranes or fetal distress.

Private health insurance

Maternity insurance is riders or additional benefits of health insurance. If you want to buy it yourself through individual insurance, you must have health insurance first and don’t be surprised if maternity insurance premiums are quite expensive.

One reason why premiums for maternity insurance are expensive is because pregnancy and childbirth are planned events, not classified as risks that occur unexpectedly such as illness or death.

If you have health insurance from work that covers labor costs, then you are in luck. But if you want to buy it yourself, do a detailed calculation of the cost of the premium charged to you with the sum insured provided by the insurance company.

Most likely, it will be more economical for you to save for yourself than buying maternity insurance.

Credit card

Credit cards can indeed be used to pay for any hospital bills, both medical treatment and maternity. But know that by using this card, you are tantamount to indebted for labor costs.

You can also arrange your credit card payments, can be paid immediately next month and can also be paid in installments every month.

Before you use a credit card for payment, make sure of the following:

– Your credit card limit is still left for hospital payments.

– You still have income and can pay it in full or in installments in the future.

– If you choose installments, make sure the installments do not exceed 30% of income.

– The use of a credit card is the last resort when there are no more sources of funds left. You should avoid this option because it can increase your debt.

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