Antam’s Gold Price Shines at IDR 1.063 Million Today


Gold price PT Various Mines (Persero) Tbk aka Antam perched at Rp1.063 million per gram on Tuesday (9/5). The price of gold rose by IDR 4,000 from the previous trade.

Likewise, the buyback price also increased by IDR 4,000 from IDR 953 thousand to IDR 957 thousand per gram.

Based on Antam’s data, the selling price of 0.5 gram gold is IDR 581.5 thousand, 2 grams is IDR 2.06 million, 3 grams is IDR 3.07 million, 5 grams is IDR 5.09 million, 10 grams is IDR 10.12 million, 25 grams is IDR 25. 18 million, and 50 grams of IDR 50.29 million.

Then, the price of gold measuring 100 grams is IDR 100.5 million, 250 grams is IDR 251.01 million, 500 grams is IDR 501.8 million, and 1 kilogram is IDR 1.003 billion.

The selling price of gold does not include Income Tax (PPh) 22 on gold bars of 0.45 percent for holders of Taxpayer Identification Numbers (NPWP).

Meanwhile, the price of gold in international trade based on the Commodity Exchange market reference COMEX weakened 0.29 percent to US$2,027.4 per troy ounce. Meanwhile, the price of gold in spot trading strengthened 0.02 percent to US$2,021.6 per troy ounce this morning.

DCFX Senior Analyst Lukman Leong projects gold prices to strengthen today. According to him, the movement of gold prices will be supported by market concerns over US debt defaults.

Therefore, the market tends to choose gold to invest.

“Investors also look still wait and see US inflation data tomorrow,” Lukman added to

Today, he predicts international gold prices to be in the range support US$2,000 per troy ounce and resistance US$2,038 per troy ounce.

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