Antam’s Gold Price Is Expensive, Time to Invest in Precious Metals?

Jakarta, – Antam’s gold price has again surpassed the previous highest price record. On Thursday (4/5/2023) Antam’s 1 gram gold price rose fantastically by IDR 15,000 to IDR 1,077,000 per gram. This price is the highest since April 14, 2023.

Meanwhile, the repurchase price or buyback Antam’s gold also increased and was set at IDR 975,000 per gram, the price even flew IDR 21,000 from the previous trade.

Is It Time To Invest In Gold Now

It’s never too late to invest in gold. Currently gold is at a fairly high price so it is quite tempting for investors.

However, what should be noted is that it exists spreads between the selling and buying price of gold bars. For example, when Antam bought gold yesterday, the price was IDR 1,062,000 per gram and if you want to sell it, the price is IDR 975,000. There is a difference or spread of IDR 87,000 per gram.

In addition, the benefits of investing in gold will be more optimal if it is done in the long term and not in the short term.

For example, if an investor allocates Rp. 100 million in capital to buy gold, which on March 1 2013 is equivalent to a purchase price of Rp. 556,000 per gram, then in 2023, when the gold buyback price is Rp. 953,000 per gram, the profit that has been obtained is 71%.

The investment capital, which was IDR 100,000,000, changed to IDR 171,000,000 in 10 years.

Gold is often considered a stable asset and has a relatively stable value over time, making it a popular investment choice to hedge wealth.

Some popular forms of gold investment include:

1. Physical gold: buying gold in physical form such as jewelry, coins, or gold bars. However, the drawbacks of this form are storage costs and security risks.

2. Gold ETFs: buy stock ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that track the price of gold. This investment can be made online through a securities company or investment application.

3. Precious metals: invest in precious metals other than gold such as silver, platinum or palladium. However, it should be noted that the value of this precious metal can be very volatile.
Before deciding to invest in gold, it is important to understand the risks and benefits. Investing in gold can be part of a diversified portfolio, but it doesn’t have to be the only form of investment.

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