Antam Retro & UBS Gold Prices at Pawnshops Dropped, Check!

Jakarta, – The world gold price fell again in trading on Friday (12/5/2023) yesterday. Thus, there is a risk that the price of gold bars sold by Pegadaian will continue to decline.

Based on the observations of the Research Team, world gold prices influenced the movement of gold bullion at Pegadaian two days later. That is, the closing of world gold prices in trading last Thursday had an effect on today.

According to Refinitiv data, world gold on Thursday’s trading fell 0.7%, and last Friday it fell 0.22% to IDR 2,011/troy ounce.

The price of gold bars at Pegadaian also fell quite sharply today. Based on data from Pegadaian’s official website, standard Antam gold measuring 1 gram costs IDR 1,091,000/stick, down IDR 8,000 from yesterday’s price.

Pegadaian sells standard Antam gold ranging in size from 0.5 gram to 1,000 gram.

Then, 1 gram of Antam retro gold sold for IDR 1,054,000/bar, a decrease of IDR 15,000 from yesterday’s price.

Retro Antam Gold is old packaged gold where the gold coins and the certificate are separate. Antam’s retro gold was last produced in 2018, and is available from 0.5 grams to 100 grams.

Lastly, UBS gold measuring 1 gram was released at Rp. 1,049,000/bar, decreased by Rp. 14,000/bar.

The following is a complete list of gold bullion prices sold at Pegadaian.

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