Anies, Ganjar, Prabowo, who has the most luxurious garage?

Jakarta, – Based on information in the latest State Administration Wealth Report (LHKPN), the three 2024 Presidential Candidates (Capres), both Anies Baswedan, Ganjar Pranowo and Prabowo Subianto have assets in the form of vehicles or means of transportation. Which of them has the most vehicles?

The answer is of course Prabowo, because the man who serves as Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia owns eight cars with a total value of IDR 1.2 billion.

Followed by Ganjar Pranowo with five types of vehicles worth IDR 1.04 billion, and Anies Baswedan with three vehicles worth IDR 550 million.

Even though Prabowo has far more cars than Ganjar, it should be noted that the total asset value of their vehicles is only Rp. 200 million.

This is because most of Prabowo’s cars are cars made under 2008, while most of Ganjar’s vehicles are vehicles made after 2010.

Vehicles = depreciating assets

In financial planning, vehicles, be it cars, motorbikes, and so on, are also classified as assets. However, assets in the form of vehicles are usable assets whose value continues to depreciate or decrease over time.

The more depreciated assets we have, the easier it will be for our net worth to be eroded in the future.

The items classified as depreciated assets are vehicles, electronic goods, furniture, hobby goods, and other items that are used to support daily activities.

It’s good for all of us to be balanced in terms of asset ownership. Strive for the total value of investment assets that we have above 50% of our net worth.

Can a vehicle be an investment?

A new vehicle will be an investment if you buy it in order to resell it at a later date, and generate income. For example, someone buys a car because he owns a car buying and selling showroom, then the car he buys will become an investment asset.

As long as the purpose of purchasing the vehicle is for daily needs or even for work, the status of the vehicle will remain as a usable asset whose value is depreciating.

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