Andhara Early’s Gold Investment Stance Can Make a House Pay Off

Jakarta, – Behind the decision to pay off the house installments which are still within a 12 year tenor, Andhara Early turns out to be able to do this through investing in gold which has started a long time ago.

One of Andhara and her husband’s decisions to pay off their house installments was because they had no income, and they had to deal with rising mortgage rates due to rising interest rates. At that time, Andhara finally sold the gold he had bought long ago.

Unknowingly from this investment, Andhara was able to use the gold he bought to pay off his mortgage debt, which had 12 years remaining. So what kind of tips and tricks did Andhara do?

Long term & buy according to existing capital

“I only have two savings, in the bank in the account and in the form of gold. From the beginning, when I had income, it had to be me so something, the right choice is gold, which is a precious metal,” said Andhara in the Cuap Cuap Cuan Podcast (5/5).

Andhara admits that he often has difficulty saving because the consumption temptation is very high. Instead of running out of money, he also chose to buy gold with whatever capital he had.

Andhara also decided to buy gold with the aim of long-term investment. Without realizing it, by buying periodically according to capital, the value of gold owned by Andhara was able to pay off his house.

Buy precious metals

“Parents first he asked anyway so jewelry, so bracelets, (or) necklaces. But since I don’t like to wear jewelry, never mind buy it precious metal. Whatever I can (buy), one million or two million,” he added.

Even though the gold could be resold easily, there would be a significant difference in the selling and buying price of gold, Andhara chose not to sell it and kept the gold.

Sell ​​gold when the price is high at the gold shop

Even though it was originally intended as savings, Andhara realized a profit by selling his gold to pay off debts by selling it at the right time. That is when the price of gold is high.

“Everything is still high, bank interest (rates) are still high, it turns out that gold is following too. At first I wanted to sell it to Antam, but how come it went down so much? Finally, I looked for a second opinion at a gold shop. When I got there, the offer was more interesting. I finally sold it to the gold shop,” he added.

Andhara also said that currently his gold is completely gone, but the savings are still left. He said that the purpose of spending gold was aimed at spending the existing financial burden.

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