Aceh MPU: The Qanun of Islamic financial institutions does not need to be revised

Banda Aceh ( – The Aceh Ulama Consultative Assembly (MPU) stated that the Qanun or regional regulations governing Islamic financial institutions (LKS) do not need to be revised because it has only been implemented for two years.

“This Qanun LKS has only been enacted for two years, so because of an error at Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) a discourse arose to revise it. In fact, in Aceh there are still other sharia banks,” said Aceh MPU chairman Tgk H Faisal Al in Banda Aceh, Tuesday.

He said leave the LKS Qanun until the next few years. If later there are deficiencies, then revisions are made.

This statement was made by Faisal Ali in response to the Aceh DPR’s discourse on revising the LKS Qanun following a transaction disturbance at Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) some time ago.

Faisal Ali said that the disruption to banking transactions at BSI was only the smallest part and not only in Aceh, but also occurred nationally. Disturbances did not stop there, causing the LKS Qanun to be revised by discussing the presence of conventional banking.

In fact, said Faisal Ali, in Aceh there are still other sharia banks. Including Bank Aceh owned by the local government in Aceh. Supposedly, Bank Aceh is raised because it belongs to itself.

“Actually, this is an opportunity for the community to enlarge Bank Aceh. The incident at BSI did not necessarily arise about revising the LKS Qanun and bringing back conventional banking,” said Faisal Ali.

Therefore, said Faisal Ali, the Aceh MPU did not agree with the discourse on revising the LKS Qanun. Let the Qanun run for the next few years. Later, if there are obstacles or other things, then they will be evaluated.

Faisal Ali emphasized that the Aceh MPU has the authority to give advice to the government. If the revision of the LKS Qanun is carried out, the MPU will use the authority to provide views to the government.

“We have all agreed to implement Islamic law thoroughly or comprehensively, including conducting banking transactions within the framework of Islamic law. So, we are not inviting back banks that are not in accordance with Islamic law to operate in Aceh,” said Faisal Ali.

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Reporter: M. Haris Setiady Agus
Editor: Guido Merung


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