Account drained because of Eid? Start again from 0 well…

Jakarta, – The moment of Eid is indeed a moment that is eagerly awaited every year, the tradition of shopping for new clothes, cooking opor, giving parcels, giving angpao and going home for the whole family certainly costs a lot of money.

It is also not uncommon for holiday allowances (THR) cannot meet expenses for the rest of the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, so they have to take funds from a savings account. The impact is that after Eid the savings run out and hope for the next salary received.

Then what to do when you are in a financial condition starting from zero again, while waiting for your salary to come out in a few days:

1. Create a new Budget

Make a new post-Eid budget that makes sense, set aside the budget for desires such as watching movies, going to entertainment venues or even eating at restaurants. focus to necessary expenses such as food, transportation, utilities.

2. Check your account again carefully

Check your account again carefully to see if there are any funds left to meet your living needs for the next few days. There is nothing wrong with collecting debts from people who have debts to you.

3. Borrow the children’s Eid red packets first

If after checking the account there is no more money left, then ask your child if the child is willing to lend you Eid red packets to meet basic needs until you receive another salary. Be open regarding your financial condition with your children and remember that you must replace this money immediately when you get a salary. After you pay back the money borrowed from the child, then ask what he thinks he wants to use the money for and where to save it.

4. Take advantage of credit cards

Using a credit card does not mean you are in debt, a credit card is a means of paying temporarily until your account is filled with money again. Credit cards can be used first to buy groceries at supermarkets so you can cook food at home.

In addition, for those of you who have toddlers, credit cards can also be used first to meet needs such as formula milk & baby diapers. Because the goal is only for means of payment, you must be committed to paying credit card bills in full and on time when payday.

Paying credit cards by paying the minimum and delinquent will only cause new problems, for that you also have to have self-control when using a credit card according to your needs and abilities.

5. Sell unused items

Open your closet, take a look at how many clothes or shoes you’ve bought but only worn 1-2 times or baby gear that you don’t use anymore because your baby is getting bigger.

Collect these items and then try to sell them at low prices through social media or groups whatsapp. You can also sell a small part of your investment portfolio to meet your needs with a note, you have to fill it back if cashflow You are back to health.

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