Accept THR Pro Rata? Don’t be sad, this is how to stay happy

Jakarta, – Not all employees can receive the full holiday allowance (THR), some only receive half or even less than half of their salary. So what’s up with spending ahead of Eid which generally increases?

The increase in monthly expenses must be very wary of ahead of Eid. The reason is, without good control, your expenses can clearly exceed your income and you are just depleting the contents of your own savings.

So what are the ways to anticipate high expenses, so that your finances remain safe until next month? Here’s the full review.

Use THR only for mandatory expenses first

Don’t spend THR money on your wishes before you pay what is obligatory, call it like paying children’s school fees, paying debt repayments, and so on.

Take advantage of THR as much as possible to reduce your financial burdens first before spending it.

This is because the less the financial burden, the more flexible you are in saving and investing.

Take good care of your monthly cash flow

Don’t let expenses in this month of Ramadan exceed your total income. Keep your cash flow healthy by limiting desires or unnecessary expenses.

Allocate funds for things that smell like desires wisely. Just choose one activity for self reward, whether it’s shopping, traveling, or doing hobby activities.

Force yourself to save and invest

The thing you can do to help put the brakes on consumption is to force yourself to save and invest.

You can immediately allocate the money you have for these two things, before spending your money for Eid needs or anything that smells of self-rewards.

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