AAJI emphasized that it would blacklist fraudulent insurance agents

We do not tolerate the actions of unruly agents. They must be punished and by AAJI they will be immediately blacklisted and cannot return to the industry

Jakarta (Armfalcon.com) – The Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI) emphasized that it will give strict sanctions to insurance agents who commit fraud by blacklisting their names (blacklist).

“We do not tolerate the actions of rogue agents. They must be punished and AAJI will definitely be punished immediately.blacklist and cannot return to the industry,” said Chairman of the AAJI Board of Trustees Budi Tampubolon told reporters after a press conference on the first quarter of 2023 Life Insurance Industry Performance Report in Jakarta, Wednesday.

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Budi explained that all life insurance agents at insurance companies that are members of AAJI must have an AAJI certificate and can only be registered with one company.

Agents are also required to conduct training (training) repeatedly to ensure their skills as marketing agents, both training from AAJI and from their respective companies.

However, Budi admits that these obligations do not make field practice free from the mischievous behavior of marketing agents. Budi said that he often finds cases of fraudulent marketing agents.

“Everywhere there are bad people. We from AAJI deeply regret this, but we will not tolerate it,” he stressed.

Budi urges customers and prospective customers to be careful when applying for insurance through marketing agents. Budi reminded that the insurance application form already contained information that the premium payment was paid directly to the company, not through a marketing agent.

“The premium payment number already exists. So, it should have been prevented,” said Budi.

On this occasion, Budi also said that AAJI was committed to strengthening implementation Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and the agency code of ethics in every life insurance product marketing activity.

AAJI also hopes that regulatory support, such as insurance provisions issued through a Financial Services Authority Circular Letter (SEOJK), can increase protection for policyholders and provide positive results for the growth of life insurance performance.

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Reporter: Imamatul Silfia
Editor: Ahmad Wijaya

source: www.antaranews.com

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