6 Facts About Jabodebek LRT That Can Be Tried Free Next June

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Integrated Railroad (LRT) Greater Jakarta will be fully operational in July 2023, although it is not yet clear what the transportation fare will be.

On the other hand, KAI Public Relations Manager for the Jabodebek LRT Division Kuswardojo said the progress of the project had reached 91.53 percent. He then touched on connectivity in all Jabodebek LRT stations.

“Apart from the operational side, preparing connectivity with other modes of transportation is very important to make it easier for people to continue their journey after arriving at the Jabodebek LRT station,” said Kuswardojo in an official statement, Monday (17/4).

There are a number of facts related to the Jabodebek LRT which will soon operate. Here are 6 facts about the project:

1. Jabodebek LRT starts operating on July 12, 2023

Kuswardojo detailed that the Jabodebek LRT will be fully operational starting July 12, 2023 alias according to the target commercial operation date (COD). He emphasized that there are no plans to postpone the date of surgery.

“Until now, the schedule is still July COD, the 12th is planned. Until now we have not received an operational resignation letter,” said Kuswardojo, quoted from SecondTuesday (18/4).

2. The fare is not yet clear, but it could be cheaper than KAI’s suggestion

The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) has not set the Jabodebek LRT tariff, even though this public transportation is fully operational starting July 12, 2023.

“Actually, according to the regulations, the ticket should have been available 3 months before it was operational. That’s why we said it should be April. But the Ministry of Transportation is the one who sets the tariff, long ago we have proposed it to the Ministry of Transportation, only until now there has been no determination or information regarding the tariff ,” said Kuswardojo.

KAI proposes that the short-distance Jabodebek LRT fare is IDR 5,000 per person, with the farthest distance reaching IDR 24,000. Then, the farthest fare is in the range of Rp. 24,000-Rp. 25,000. Meanwhile, the average Jabodebek LRT fare is IDR 15,000 per person.

Although, Kuswardojo said the tariff could be much cheaper because the Ministry of Transportation would provide subsidies. That way, he hopes the decision on tariffs can be completed before the end of April.

“The government says it wants to provide PSO and so on, so it’s definitely cheaper than that. But if it’s appropriate with operational costs, our suggestion is that much,” he said.

3. June 2023 free trial

Kuswardojo leaked that there would be a free trial of the Jabodebek LRT in June 2023, exactly a month before the transportation is fully operational. There is a quota of around 200 people prepared.

“Before COD, in June we will trial run. We will open opportunities for the wider community later, but register first or later maybe an invitation, which party we invite from. That later in June it might open. If July already paid. So we will limit it, for example the capacity is 700, yes, at most 200. It’s definitely free if trial run,” he said.

However, Kuswardojo did not explain in detail the terms and how to register for the free trial. He only said registration was open to the general public.

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