50 Percent of Vehicles Have Not Returned from Sumatra via Bakaheuni

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Ministry of Transportation (Ministry of Transportation) noted that 50 percent of vehicles had not returned from Sumatra to Java via the Bakauheni Port in musister Eid 2023. The second phase of the surge in reverse flow is predicted to occur at the weekend.

Therefore, the Ministry of Transportation and related parties are anticipating a surge in backflow from Bakauheni Port to Merak until this weekend.

The Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said that one of the steps being prepared to anticipate a surge in backflow at Bakauheni Port is to divert vehicles from Bakauheni to Panjang Port, and vice versa if there is congestion.

With a capacity of accommodating 39,000 vehicles, he said the surge in vehicles at Bakauheni Port could be handled properly.

Nevertheless, Budi appealed to the public to avoid making return trips on Sunday (30/4) and Monday (1/5) in order to avoid the density of vehicles crossing from Sumatra to Java on the second peak day of return traffic.

According to him, the implementation of this year’s Lebaran homecoming and returning home went smoothly both in Merak-Bakauheni and in other places. This can be seen from cooperative travelers buying tickets online in advance, the decreasing number of motorcycle users, and decreasing traffic accidents.

“On the Trans Java Toll Road, the speed increases, and the travel time is faster. This is a good indicator. I appreciate those who have helped, including media partners who have participated in socializing online ticket purchases, so that usage has reached more than 90 percent,” said Budi.

The Directorate General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation recorded the number of passengers and vehicles that had crossed from Java to Sumatra during the homecoming flow from D-10 to H Eid as many as 920,054 people and 213,737 vehicles.

Meanwhile, there were 463,847 passengers and 104,046 vehicles that had crossed from Sumatra to Java on the return flow from H-2 to D+4 Eid.

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