2023 SOE Joint Recruitment Opens Today

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SOE Joint Recruitment (RBB) 2023 officially opened today, Thursday (11/5). Registration can be done directly on the official website of the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI).

The RBB was supposed to be held last May 5. However, the FHCI of the Ministry of BUMN postponed registration so that the preparation of potential applicants could be maximized.

“The opening and online registration of the 2023 BUMN Joint Recruitment (RBB) will be May 11, 2023. With the hope of providing space for young talents to make more optimal preparations,” wrote the FHCI upload.

FHCI BUMN has not explained whether the delay in registration will have an impact on timeline RBB 2023 stages as a whole.

Minister of BUMN Erick Thohir previously announced that the Joint Recruitment of BUMN was divided into 5 phases. Later, the final stage in the form of participant graduation will be announced on August 16 2023, exactly the day before the 78th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence.

The following are the methods and conditions for registering the Joint BUMN Recruitment that you need to prepare.

How to register for BUMN Joint Recruitment

The methods, terms and conditions of registration can be accessed directly on the official website of the FHCI Ministry of SOEs, namely, recruitmenbersama.fhcibumn.id. Don’t forget to access the website regularly.

FHCI BUMN warns prospective applicants not to be deceived during the recruitment process. All recruitment information can be checked through the official Instagram of FHCI and the Ministry of BUMN.

“Beware of fraud! RBB 2023 information is only through the official Instagram accounts @kementerianbumn and @fhci.bumn,” wrote FHCI BUMN on Instagram.

Requirements for registering with BUMN Joint Recruitment

There are several conditions that must be prepared before registering. Citing some of the requirements announced by FHCI in the previous recruitment, the following conditions must be completed:

1. Registrants are Indonesian citizens (WNI).

2. The maximum age is 27 years for Diploma III graduates as of December 1, 2022. Meanwhile, for Diploma IV and S1 graduates the maximum is 30 years and the maximum for Masters graduates is 35 years on the same date.

3. Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.75 for college graduates.

4. Willing to be placed in all regions of Indonesia.

5. Physically and mentally healthy, and drug-free.

6. Have a Police Record Certificate (SKCK) document from the Police.

7. Possess training certification in accordance with competence and work experience recommendation if any.

8. Have community recommendations for applicants who excel in sports, arts, digital creators, and start-ups if any.

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[Gambas:Video CNN]

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