200 Investors Submit Letter of Interest in Investing in IKN

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Authority Archipelago Capital (OIKN) claims that there have been 200 Letters of Intent (LOI) or letters of interest from investors For investment in the new capital.

Investment interest came from both local and international investors.

“To date, 200 Letter of Intent for various investment fields have been submitted which shows the high interest of investors,” wrote the IKN Nusantara account, @ikn_id, Wednesday (3/5).


However, the account did not specify the names of the interested investors. The investment interest in IKN within 200 LOI consists of various fields.

Here are the details:

– 16 educational facilities
– 7 health facilities
– 16 housing
– 12 mixed uses
– 4 offices
– 13 utilities
– 16 consultants
– 23 energies
– 4 connectivity
– 10 waste management
– 21 other infrastructure
– 3 industrial zones
– 32 goods and services
– 23 technologies

Thus, the number of LOIs has increased from the claim by the Head of OIKN Bambang Susanto in the RDP with Commission XI of the DPR RI in February 2023. At that time, he mentioned that out of 142 investors, 90 had sent LOIs.

Bambang said the LOI of the 90 investors covered various sectors. In detail, 25 in the infrastructure and utilities sector, 15 in education, 14 in consulting services, 10 in housing, and 9 in mixed use and commercial.

Then, 6 in the technology sector, 5 health, 4 BUMN and private offices, and 2 government offices.

He also said that he would follow up on the investor’s interest with various kinds of business processes, whether with Government Partnership with Business Entities (PPP) or other schemes.

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“From these 90, we will continue with various kinds of business processes, whether PPP or others,” said Bambang.

On the other hand, the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono revealed that although many investors are interested in investing in IKN, so far there has been no realization.

He added that this happened because investors who wanted to realize their investment were constrained by an unclear land purchase scheme.

“There has been an LOI, through me we have submitted several LOIs to the Authority (IKN Authority). The problem is that the Authority has not prepared the land purchase,” Basuki said at the Presidential Palace Area, Central Jakarta, Friday (28/4).

Nevertheless, the government continues to pursue the realization of the investment. Moreover, the government has prepared a Detailed Spatial Plan (RDTR).

In addition, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in the near future will invite a number of potential investors to visit IKN.

“Mr. President wants to go there, the RDTR has been made, that is, you know what can be built here and there,” said Basuki.

Based on Government Regulation (PP) No. 12 of 2023 concerning the Granting of Business Licensing, Ease of Doing Business, and Investment Facilities for Business Players in the Capital City of the Archipelago, the status of land in IKN is divided into two.

First, land as state property is managed directly by the IKN Authority. Second, assets under control (ADP) submitted to the IKN Authority in the form of Land Management Rights (HPL).

The IKN authority can give business actors land rights (HAT) on land assets with HPL status. HAT can be in the form of usufructuary rights (HGU), building use rights (HGB), and usufructuary rights.


source: www.cnnindonesia.com

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